Glo-Me At-Home Micro-dermabrasion (Diamond Peel) Review

Tuesday, December 9, 2014
I've made it no secret that one of my favourite treatments to get when I'm doing a facial is micro-dermabrasion aka diamond peel. It's instant brightening and gives you soft and silky skin - not to mention the added benefit that your skincare can better absorb into the skin afterwards because the layer of dead skin that micro-dermabrasion removes.

I've always thought that micro-dermabrasion can only be done at the spa by professionals because I've only ever saw it at my spa attached to a hugeass machine! Imagine how thrilled I was when I was approached by Clariancy to try out their Glo-Me.

As the title of this post suggests, Glo-Me is an at-home micro-dermabrasion tool for you to use, well, at home. It is portable so you can also bring this along when you travel! Best part? No down time! You can definitely use this before a big event and have your skin nice and glowy!

Some of you may have already seen it in one of my favourites videos where I mentioned briefly on it. As I've promised, here's a full review on the Glo-Me.

User manual

The Glo-Me comes in 3 speeds, and is represented by the lights in yellow, orange, and red respectively.

Inside the box there are also 2 different tips (silver for normal, white for sensitive skin) and a box of filters. As shown in the photos, the "grains" on the white tip seems finer than that of the silver.

One of the very first things I noted about the Glo-Me was that the tip was very similar to that of my spa's!

The Glo-Me was fairly easy to use. I was initially expecting there to be a "suction" feeling because that was how it felt like when I get it done at my spa, but there was nothing of that sort. It's very important to make sure that you glide the tip gently across your skin and not press too hard as it might be too abrasive.

Also, make sure you are using it on dry, clean skin!

After a couple of uses, I can firmly say that I do like this product. Apart from the down side of it being a little costly ($3xx), it's really a little extra something that you can add into your beauty routine, especially if you are already spending a good amount of money on your beauty products, why not invest a tad more and get it to work (and absorb) more efficiently?

I could really feel that my skin texture is more refined after using it, and my skincare does definitely absorb more quickly after using the Glo-Me.

Also, one of the things I make sure to do is to glide it across my skin in an upward motion! It's really important that you do your skincare this way too as you don't want to tug on your skin and potentitally cause it to sag earlier!

With Christmas just round the corner, I'd say that this is the perfect gift for that beauty junkie friend of yours, for yourself, or even your mother! There are 4 girls in my family so we can really just get one device and different tips!


Saturday, November 8, 2014
 Never been a big fan off crazy accessories, but I'm super digging this new Amber Sceats Pearl Ear Cuff in Silver that JUST TANGY sent over to me.

For those of you who don't already know, JUST TANGY is a local online store in Singapore founded by Sarah, who is an avid online shopper and a fan of exclusive international designer brands. She finds magic in bringing emerging international brands, which are highly sort after but unavailable locally, making them more exclusive and special to own. She curates the brands and products herself, carefully selecting them for their design. From the high fashion of New York City to handmade European goods. JUST TANGY aims to carry brands, which brings life into the owner, a distinctive flavor or tanginess to their personality and outfit.

First up, I liked that the ear cuff is really high quality and worth it's every penny. Apart from being a unique piece of accessory that really jazzes up one's outfit and look, it is plated with silver 18ct gold, so it will stay perfectly silver and shiny. One of the things I hate about wearing non-gold plated accessories is that they will either cause infections (since this ear cuff is like a earring), discolour, or sometimes cause that green tinge on your skin.

Faire Belle

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Feauturing Faire Belle in today's advertorial!
At Faire Belle, its our mission to make you beautiful.

We updates twice a week on Thursday 8pm and Sunday 11am.. 

From fun quirky casual wear to trendy and fashionable statement accessories, we bring out the beauty in everyone.

Over at Faire Belle, our customers deserve only the best. Expect to find premium quality clothings at pocket friendly pricing.

I picked out a few items from their site and here are my picks!
Zapa Lace Trim Shorts

Lace Baby Doll set in White

I really liked the items I've picked out and have been wearing the items so many times! My favourite would have to be the shorts because it is such a simple pair but has the added lace trim details.

Also, Faire Belle offers free size exchange in the event that the size chosen was a misfit! Shop away with no fear of the item being ill fitting and not knowing what to do with it!

Quote "JAMIEXFB" to get 5% off orders placed in Nov' 14!