The Nine Dame

Saturday, February 28, 2015
A backdated post today, which was actually taken before I got my hair dyed purple, featuring The Nine Dame.

"The Nine Dame was founded in 2013, by Tresha Yang and Cheryl Ling with an aim of sharing their love for fashion.We started off as a humble online store and have now evolved to a bigger platform with a wide range of handpicked apparels.
Constantly keeping up with the trend from all over the world, our site is updated weekly with new arrvals.
Moving forward, we will be looking at launching our own label and manufacturing exclusive pieces to expand our range of clothings."

You girls should already know that I don't work with brands/stores that I don't personally like, and I do like that The Nine Dame has a good mix of clothes for daily casual wear, date dresses, to clothes for working adults.

In the above picture, I'm wearing their Magical Forest 2 Piece paired with the Hopping Pixie Knit Cardi in Black.
I picked the set out because of the gorgeous prints! Plus, since it's a two piece, you can mix and match it with any piece from your exisiting wardrobe.

Can I also just say how much I love the cardigan? I've always been a fan of long outerwears and the length of this cardigan is perfect. Not to mention that the material is super comfortable. The lightweight nature of the cardigan also makes it wearable in Singapore's weather!

Another item that caught my eyes was theRosie Pleat Dress in White (also available in black).
Really loved how it gives an instantly romantic ladylike/demure aura.. which is usually so not me! The length also adds to the softness of the look!


Sunday, February 1, 2015
Featuring Wonderstellar in today's advertorial. Gosh, only when looking at the photos I realised how backdated this is!!

One thing I really like about Wonderstellar is how their picks are always right up my alley, and they are constantly updated with new arrivals that are just soooo gorgeous. JQ picked out a few items and sent them over for me for the ad.

Crop top and maxi skirt both from Wonderstellar! If you are a fan of flowy floral maxi skirts, this is your pick! It's a little loose for me but still wearable, and the flow of the skirt is just perfect!

If parkas are your thing, here's a versatile one: Hideout Parka. My love for parkas is endless but there are not always chances for me to wear them in Singapore. This one is lightweight enough for daily wear, but still keeps you warm enough when needed.

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And if parkas are not your thing? This Nude Everyday Cardigan is a good pick! It's really lightweight so for those of you who want to add a little coverup to your more revealing outfits, this is the one to pick. Added points for the fact that the material is super soft!

Quote "JAMIE5" to get 5% off when you shop at Wonderstellar!

Barely Naked

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Worked with Barely Naked for this advertorial today! For those of you who haven't heard of Barely Naked, here is their belief:
"Everybody is unique and there's no accounting for taste or design. Thus everybody should be able to define the design of the things surrounding them each and every day. This is the basic idea of BarelyNaked and therefore driving force and motivation in our day-to-day business."

Personally, I've always been a big fan of customised items. It adds a little special touch to your belongings, and you won't be caught out on the streets with someone with the same exact thing.

As a blogger and social media influencer, the bulk of my time is spent on my electronic devices - be it my MacBook, iPhone, or even iPad. Most of the casings out there for the apple devices are quite meh-ish (besides iPhone cases), so I very happily jumped at the chance to get my customised skins for my items.
If you don't know, the rates for getting your electronic devices' skins professionally done is easily above $50. Why not do it yourself? Also, you don't have to have your device waiting there while it gets skinned. I managed to put on the skins onto my items in about 15 minutes (for my MacBook/iPad), while it took like 8 minutes for my iPhone.

For those of you who don't know, I am a rilakkuma fan. The reason why I haven't got a rilakumma case is because I cannot find a nice one in Singapore that's original. The fake ones looks abit distorted to me. With Barely Naked, I can get a picture of the authentic rilakkuma and get it printed and skinned onto my device!

If you're me and still would like to have the protection of a cover, get a transparent one!

Follow these simple steps for a perfectly skinned device!

A newer product from Barely Naked is their nail wraps! Yes, you heard right! You can customise your nail wraps!! I got a couple of floral ones but have yet to have the chance to try them out, so I actually stuck one onto the boy's nails. They actually lasted for quite a good while!

Quote "BNJT10" to get 10% off your Barely Naked order!