Casio Exilim TR60 Review

Friday, May 22, 2015
Casio recently sent me their latest camera (TR60) from their TR series to try out and review for you guys.. and boy am I excited!

I've been a huge fan of the TR series, which is a series targetted specifically for selfies, and have nothing but praises for it to my friends and readers. Anyone who has taken a selfie with me on my TR150 just loved the photos; I mean, how could they not? You have perfect bright skin and the camera is super compact to bring around (the front facing screen helps, too).
I have had my TR150 for a good while already (around 3 years) and until recently, it was still what I have been taking my selfies with (yes it's still working). Since it's quite an old camera, the specifications obviously isn't as good as what is in the market these days.

First up, I love that the camera comes in 4 gorgeous colours - White, Pink, Turqoise, and Purple. Casio sent me the purple one which was awesome because purple is my favourite colour. Appearance wise, I liked that there were 2 options provided, either plain or glossy (the one I have), and the attention to details like the faceted ring around the lens.

Just like the TR150 I own, the grip of the camera is very comfortable, because of the curved sides . Just for a gauge of the size of the TR60, here is it next to my TR150 as well as my iPhone 5S.

As the TR60 is one of the premium Casio products, it is made in their factory in Japan!

The screen of the TR60 is fully touch screen, and does not work if you use your nails to press on the screen. Also, it has a removable battery that's hidden under the top casing, where you can also slot in the microSD card.

Here are the various other modes available on the TR60

Loved this photo of the flowers I took with the TR60's premium auto mode! No edits on the photo and the colours look uber vibrant!

One interesting addition was the fact that makeup mode is available in the premium auto selection, so as long as your face is detected in a square on the photo, the makeup mode sets in. A new mode added was Make Up Bracketing, which takes 3 photos for you simultaneously, with 3 different skin tones.

Another feature I personally liked was the Selfie Art mode, which can be swtiched on by double tapping on the side of the camera (above the shutter) between the two raised dots.
My personal favourite is Vivid, but 1:1 mode sets the ratio of the photo to that of a square, which makes it perfect to upload to Instagram.. and brings me to the next point:

Exilim Connect.

Exilim Connect is an app that allows you to transfer your photos from your camera remotely to your device via Wifi. For the longest of time, I have been using a Wifi memory card to transfer my photos to my phone, but it saps a huge amount of battery when I use it (since it turns the connection on all the time) and the memory card isn't exactly cheap as well. With the Exilim Connect app, you can choose only to turn on the Wifi connection when you are ready to send photos over to your device.

There is also an autosend function which will (as it says) automatically send the images to your phone without you having to manually select which ones you want.

If you don't want to turn on the automatic sending, of course feel free to select only the photos you want on your phone.

Some test shots and photo comparisons:

Make Up 12, Skin Tone 0, Selfie Art Vivid

Make Up 6, Skin Tone 0, Selfie Art Vivid

Make Up 6, Skin Tone 0, Premium Auto Mode

Make Up 12, Skin Tone 0, Indoor with natural light

Make Up 6, Skin Tone 0, In car with naural light

Skin Tone 0, In car with natural light

In short,

The Good
Compact and light
Great for selfies/wefies
Wifi/Exilim Connect
Flexibility with degree of makeup/skin tone
Wide Angle
Flashlight for dark places
Works well backlit

The Bad
Expensive - $1,299
Pictures slightly grainy when zoomed in

All selfies taken in this post are taken with the TR60, and untouched except for resizing. This post is sponsored and the camera was sent to me for review purposes. 
All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and not influenced any external influences.

ZA Total Hydration

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
It's probably no secret that I'm a beauty junkie, considering that I started out blogging as a beauty blogger, and for the longest of time I have mentioned on my blog that I have oily skin-combination skin.. which is one of the hardest skin types to deal with since my skin is slightly dry on the surface but produces a good bit of oil through the day unless I use products to counter that.

ZA recently sent their new Total Hydration range for me to try out. It is one of the 3 new ranges (Total Hydration aka Smooth & Supple, Radiant & Translucent, and Plump & Resilient) and the one that is the most suitable for my age group (early twenties).

My make up tends to look a little dry on my forehead usually, and gets too oily at the forehead as the day goes on as well, because that is my trouble spot and the products I use there are more drying products to help with prevention of blemishes. I usually dislike hydrating products as they can easily be too rich for my skin and cause me to break out, but it is also exactly what I need to help with the dryness on my forehead, especially before I apply my makeup.

One interesting thing about the Total Hydration range is the fact that apart from targeting the age group, they go further and target your skin type, separating the products into two ranges: Fresh, and Moist. Like the name suggests, Fresh seems to be more suitable for normal to oily skin, and Moist would be more suitable for normal to drier skin types.

With my skin type, I am actually a fan of Fresh as it keeps my skin feeling, well, very fresh, and the texture of the products are very light and non-oily. I do switch a couple of products between the Fresh and Moist ranges at night because I sleep in an airconditioned room and the air can get a little dry, and not to mention that the weather these days is getting so hot so my skin could use a little extra hydration.

My favourite product from the entire range is actually the Fresh Foam Cleanser (with Vitamin E). Vitamin E helps to keep the skin hydrated and the cleanser lathers up beautifully with ease. And the best part? It has tiny little blue beads in the cleanser (that the Moist Foam Cleanser doesn't have) to help exfoliate your skin gently.

Also, because I love whitening products, I add the True White Essence lotion and Perfect Solution Youth Whitening Serum into my regime.

When I do need even more of a moisture boost, I apply the Deep Hydrating Moisture Gel onto my skin. It's very light and absorbs into the skin very quickly. The only thing I don't really like about it is that it comes in a tub :(
"The dewy gel deeply supplies moisture directly to the skin and immediately increases the skin’s moisture level more than 200%.The gel can be added into the current skincare regime as a Super Booster, to boost up the effect of the skincare with its moist power."
Another tip with this is that I applied a thick layer of this before I did my makeup, and wiped off the excess before application.. which gave my skin a boost in moisture levels - and helped my makeup application go more smoothly!

Another product that's great for girls with oily skin like myself is the Pore Care Essence. One of the biggest problem I personally face would have to be enlarged pores- which is not very helpful given that the weather has been so hot lately they seem to be further enlarged :(.
What it is is a pore-targeting serum minimizes greasiness, pore visibility and gives the skin a smooth-textured, vibrant glow. Use a little of this after toner over your problem areas (for me it's the T zone).

Look at how light the texture of the products are, and none of the leaves a oily nor sticky residue after application. Major hearts for that!

For more information, check out ZA's Facebook Page!

This is an advertorial. All thoughts and opinions are my own and not influenced by external sources.

Sassy Dream II

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Back with another ad for Sassy Dream this time round! If you are just like me and into girly clothings (think: florals, lace, and flowy chiffon), Sassy Dream definitely has got you covered. I always get so many compliments from B when I wear clothes from Sassy Dream because he really likes me in girly stuff hahaha.

I picked out a few items from their own SSD label and styled them according to how I'd wear them. The pieces are quite basic but has little details that makes them different, and I really dig them for that. 

Sassy Dream's new arrivals hits their website tonight, so definitely go check them out!

Prefer to shop retail? Check out their retail store at: Far East Plaza #01-80